Xertify is a synonym of digital transformation.



Xertify aims to bring all institutions and companies around the world closer to the use of digital certificates and Blockchain.

The path we make this is through a platform that automates its issuance, a Wallet that allows to carry the documents for whoever receives them and a free and instant verification process for whom wish to verify these documents.

Using digital certificates open the doors to a new world of innovation, never have seen before, and levels of productivity and internationalization of those who handle these certificates.


We want the citizens of the world to have access to the benefits of Blockchain and digital certificates. And thus, open the doors of innovation within their organizations.


Xertify will be the number one company worldwide in documentation management solutions. Xertify will continue to develop the best technology in the market and will guide the digital transformation for millions of institutions, benefiting billions of people and will be a major contributor to the sustainability of our Earth planet.


Our DNA is based on the following values and principles:

Transparency: Xertify must ensure, primarily through technology, that relationships with its customers, users and third parties are always based on honesty.

Prestige: Xertify must ensure that its solutions always exceed the expectations of its customers, users and third parties. Xertify’s prestige allows us to be an authority and expert in digital solutions and to maintain the market’s trust in us.

Stability: Xertify must ensure that its solutions are always stable and especially when customers, users and third parties need them.

Security: Xertify must guarantee the security of the information contained in its digital documents and the identity verification of the institutions and companies that issue the documents.

Efficiency: Xertify must guarantee efficiency and simplicity in its solutions for its clients, users and third parties.

Autonomy / Empowerment: Xertify must guarantee that its solutions are committed to the empowerment and autonomy of its clients, users, and verifiers so that they can undertake innovative paths on their own and make the most appropriate use of the technology.

Support Service: Our clients, users and third parties must be able to count on us at any time to solve any inconvenience or doubt that may arise.

Innovation: Xertify must be at the forefront of the latest technologies and be part of the most outstanding innovation communities in the world.

Adaptation: Xertify must have the ability to adapt to every kind of customer, every type of market and every kind of need.

Integrity: The team behind Xertify must consist of people with integrity.

Empathetic: Xertify must have the ability to understand and empathize with customers, users and third parties that use our technology.

VOC / Listening to the voice of the customer: Xertify must ensure that the voice of the customer is being heard and considered when developing our solutions.

Global: Xertify must ensure that its solutions have a global reach. This means that your customers, users and third parties can use our solution anywhere in the world.

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César Suárez

Chief Innovation Officer

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Chief Operating Officer

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