The Generator is one of the world's most powerful and easy-to-use tools for issuing digital documents on a large scale.

The Generator is Xertify’s technology that institutions use to automate the issuance of digital documents. It is a software that will boost your productivity and grow your institution. And it will give you prestige and global recognition.

Traditionally, implementing innovation processes in institutions is not easy.
With Xertify, this tradition has come to an end because now you can count on:
Easy and fast integration with the information system your institution is using.
The documents you are currently issuing, whether it is a certificate, a contract, a digital badge, or a diploma, will be digitally traced so that you can preserve the identity of your institution.
You will have a team of experts in document management that will provide you with constant support so that all the issuance you make are successful.

If you want to know the steps to start using the Generator, check this post in our Blog

The Generator is made up of several modules that Xertify makes available to your institution for a more productive document management. When we refer to modules, we mean the parts of the software with which the issuing institution will interact frequently.
Module 1: Issuance of documents.

This is the most important module and easiest to use. To issue digital documents choose the template you want to use, choose which group of participants will receive those documents and then send them or schedule their issuance. If the document to be sent requires to be signed, decide the flow of signatures and approval.

Module 2: Receiving requests.

This module is for the case in which the participants of your institution need a document that they must request. In this module, participants can choose the type of certificate they wish to request, pay for it if the institution so decides, and receive it automatically. Examples of these certificates can be: certificates of study, certificates of participation, transcripts, among others.

Module 3: Certificate consultation.

As soon as participants receive their certificate via SMS and email, Xertify offers them a query module. In this module they will be able to view their certificates and find information relevant to their interests. This module becomes a powerful marketing tool as it is a source of clicks to the institution’s website.

Module 4: Control Dashboard.

Its objective is to analyze and understand the behavior of certificate issuance through statistics that include number of queries, number of certificates issued, and many other variables that can be adjusted according to the interests of the issuing institution.