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Xertify's technology offers three major benefits.

Increase your productivity by more than 90% when issuing and managing your documents. Make informed decisions based on your data and increase your institution’s digital visibility.
Provide your users with a private and secure digital wallet, where they can receive, share, and request its digital documents.
Allow people outside your institution to verify instantly and free of charge the documents you have issued to your users.

Our Customer’s Opinion

“Is it that easy and simple? I was able to issue more than 300 documents by people from different courses and in different places of the world in a few minutes.”.

Universidad del Quindío

“We were requiring 3 people to issue the certificates and 2 weeks of work. With Xertify we reduced the issuance time to 1 day with only 1 worker.”

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

“The quality’s design and delivery time were efficient. This reduces work, generates a professional image, and leaves a pleasant satisfaction with the participants. Thank you for the support.”

Escuela Superior de Queretaro
In the education sector, we support the digital transformation of institutions to use Xertify technology and connect with the world. The greatest beneficiaries will always be the students and graduates who will be able to carry and show their academic documents.
In the health sector, our COVID-19 passport makes life easier for citizens to get back to work. Medical institutions in turn save valuable time when they apply the vaccine doses and performing tests.
In the automotive sector, we enable citizens to easily manage their documents related to vehicle ownership, maintenance, and mechanical inspections.
In the veterinary sector, Xertify allows the pets owners to get all the digital information, making its lives easier when they are in the way to the veterinary and when traveling.
In the agriculture sector, Xertify is committed to reduce unnecessary transaction costs in supply chains and increase producers profits.


Latin American, Central American and European Institutions


certificates delivered in 2019 – 2020

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